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Our new look, your new obsession

Welcome to your brand new, fresh look Teacher Card!

Due to our amazing growth over the last 5 months and after really getting to know our members, we decided it was time to rebrand to truly reflect what the Teacher Card brand is all about.

Education staff are friendly, gentle, positive, playful, charismatic, intelligent, helpful and inspiring people. This list of adjectives is actually endless and will never be enough to describe the characteristics of people within the education community. Therefore, we wanted our logo to reflect these characteristics as Teacher Card is for YOU!

With current financial times being as difficult as they are, we want to make life a little easier by providing you with discounts and rewards which allow you to keep a little back in your own pocket whilst still enjoying life's little luxuries.

So what will change?

Don't worry! Nothing will change in terms of your 'my discounts' members platform. You will still have access to all of the fantastic discounts we have available and we promise they are getting better and better! Changes you will see:

  • Our new logo

  • The colour scheme rebranded right across our website, social media and business cards. Visit our new look website here at

  • Website changes to help educators understand the process to signing up and what they will receive.

  • If you've added your Teacher Card digi-card to your Apple or Google Wallet, check out the new colour scheme. We think it is beautiful!

  • Follow us on social media where one of our co-founders, Katie will be popping up more face to face so please say 'hi' when you can or feel free to ask any questions.

So keep your eyes peeled for our new logo and share the news with friends and colleagues so that they don't miss out on great discounts and savings too!

Not a member yet? Register now for just £7.99 for a whole year at

Thank you for all of your support over the last 5 months and here is to the year to come, bringing you extra savings and a little bit of joy.

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