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Save money on your monthly out goings with Teacher Card gift cards

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

In the UK, one person's typical weekly food budget is £29, and an additional £15 is spent on takeout or dining out. However, men spend more on food than women do. Thus the average adult man spends about £53 per week (or £230 per month), compared to about £40 per week (or £175 per month) for women.

With the cost of living crisis eating away at everyone's monthly outgoings, Teachers and Educational staff can save money by purchasing our discounted gift cards.

From entertainment, food and drink, retail and travel you can save hundreds over the course of the year.

For example, if your monthly food shop is costing between £300 - £500 per month, buying our discount Asda or Sainsbury's gift card can save you between £11.58 - £19.30 per month! That is a huge saving of between £138.96 - £231.60 per year.

Our gift cards are simple to purchase and use. Simply buy online and either show them in store to be scanned on your phone (or printed if you prefer) or use online as an e-gift card as you would usually. It really is that simple!

It's time to put back a little into YOUR pockets and we hope you enjoy the savings and benefits which Teacher Card has to offer.

We'd love to have you as a member and to hear how much you've managed to save in your first month of Teacher Card by leaving a comment below. Register from Monday 14th August by clicking on the following link and join other Teachers and Educational staff in saving themselves money.

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